I can connect to your computer via remote access.  This means you don’t need me at your house to fix a problem.  You can see everything I’m doing on your screen at all times and you can disconnect any time you want.  I will need your permission each time I access your computer so don’t worry about me having access to it at any other time.  This allows me to do just about anything that I can do while sitting in front of your computer (short of opening the case or inserting a disc).  This service also saves you money as it’s less expensive than me having to drive to your house.  All you need is a working internet connection and you’re all set!
Whether you just need a lesson on how to do a specific task, or you’re having an issue that you need fixed, or you just want me to do monthly maintenance (spyware and virus scans and removal), the convenience of Remote Support IS just what the doctor ordered.
Call me first to set up a Remote Support Session (847) 302-3328
Connecting is easy!


Super easy! You just have to download a run a small file to get going.

No, as soon as our session is over, I disconnect from your computer and the program uninstalls and is no longer on your computer

No, you would have to “give me permission” by running that file again to have my connect to your computer again.

Yes, I can connect to your PC or your Mac computers.

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