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Setup Wifi or just strengthen it

Is your wifi weak in certain areas of your house?  Would you like to setup wifi to make computer easier and more convenient? 

New Computer Setup

Get a new computer or device and have questions setting it up or just want it setup up correctly and working as it should?

Strengthen your security

Have me audit your computer’s security to ensure you are protected from the most current threats and intrusions. It doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Back That Up

Tired of hearing people talking about backing up, but not fully understanding how to or even what that means? Let me help you save your memories from disaster.

Virus Removal

Have you gotten yourself a little infection and your computer has slowed down to a crawl. Or worse yet, made your computer unusable? Let me clean your system up.

Data Migration

Get a new computer and need to get all of your old documents over to your new one? Take the guesswork out of doing it, let me do it for you and confirm you “got it all”.

New phone? Let me help you set it up

Did you get a new phone, but you aren’t sure how to set it up so that it works exactly like your old phone? Want to make sure you get all of the same apps?

New TV? Connection issues?

Did you get a new TV? Do you have questions on how to set it up or how to connect all of your peripherals to it and achieve the best picture and sound quality? I can help.

Sluggish computer?

Has your system slowed down over time and feel it could use a tuneup? Want that speed back like your computer used to have? Perhaps a few tweaks is all it needs.

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    I realized that we have been working together for over 6 years now and have never formally written any form of testimonial to share with others that do not know of you and are seeking out someone to trust with their computer, data and ultimately their personal life and/or livelihood. As an architect with my own practice, I FREAK OUT when I have had the expected computer freeze which has left me without access and control to my active and archived files and systems. Where others most likely would capitalize on a desperate situation, you have always proven to me to be a fair and competent saviour. You have offered and supported self help, home vists and drop off options to me and have diligentrly followed up withn phone, email and visits in a timely manner that exceeds all expectations….Oy yeah, besides being the most awesome human being I have ever had the pleasure to work with, allow me to underline the other testimonials by stating that you are completely state of the art on servicing all systems and applications, and have never been wrong on your advice to me. I am one of those “IT wanna-be’s” that gets over zealous playing “Mr Download” only to regret my own ignorance. Thank you Scott for your awesome service and look forward to our continued relationship… PS, can you work on my car?

    Steven Schultz, Wilmette

    I have two Dell desktop computers that, but for the minor glitch here and there, have been mostly trouble-free.  After over five years of daily use – and one blue screen of death – one computer got very temperamental with all sorts of error messages and the other got progressively slower and slower. I found Scott on Google Local, saw that he had very reasonable rates, read his testimonials and gave him a call.  He came to my home, spent over two hours with both computers and cleaned them up of all manner of viruses, malware, adware, spyware…you name it, my computers had it…and updated all of my security protections.  He also very patiently walked me through a number of procedures I could do on my own to enhance computer performance. In spite of his best efforts, I continued to experience some very odd error messages and persistent slowness.  Scott responded promptly to my e-mails and followed up with an extensive remote session – all on his own time – finding and fixing some additional issues; both computers have been completely problem-free and running like new since.  Scott is a consummate professional and I would definitely recommend him and his services to anyone who owns and uses and computer.

    Vic Rojas, Wilmette

    Scott (The Tech Dr) did a fabulous job solving all my computer problems. I am very inexperienced with computers and Scott was so patient with me and helped me tremendously. I have had several other so called PRO’S at my house that did nothing but waste my time and money. Scott got me back on track with all my equipment in a calm, cool, speedy and fair way. He is extremely thorough and takes pride in his work. He is right on target with diagnosis and waists no time getting to the problems. He is honest and fair. It’s hard to find people in the service business like Scott. I would highly recommend his services to anyone, and I already have! Thank you Mr.Tech Dr.

    Dr. Louis Sommerfeld, Northbrook

    Scott is truly amazing, he’s a perfect gentlemen and a master at his craft, he will always go the extra mile for his customers. He is truly a doctor of technology, he makes the complex seem simple, has more patience than anyone else I know and will always put his customers first.

    Alex Olsansky

    Scott is the ‘go to guy’ for all of your tech needs. He is extremely knowledgeable about all of the latest and legacy gear. He has constantly amazed me with the amazing deals he’s found on the most exciting new technologies. I have to admit that I’m often jealous of the great gadgets he compiles to create the ultimate home entertainment and business environment. He knows it all from how to connect your various entertainment devices to creating /upgrading /maintaining your computer and home office. I would strongly recommend you give him a call whenever you’re in need.

    Todd , Technical Director/ Systems Administrator CRCA-UCSD

    About a year ago, I wanted to add a CD burner to my desktop, rather than buying a whole new computer. I was totally clueless as to how to do it. Scott, The Tech Doc, was GREAT. He not only bought and installed it perfectly, but he has a great personality and was really cool to deal with. He beat everyone else’s price and it has worked without a hitch for the past year. He would be the first one I’d call if I ever need any computer, home theater, stereo, etc work done in the future!

    Marv , Deerfeld

    I have been utilizing Scott’s services for a few years now. He was refered to me from a friend who was using him to set up a surround sound system. At the time, I was in the market for purchasing my first computer system and decided to have Scott research what my options were. He came back with a few packages and explained each package in a way that even I understood. Since then Scott has set up all of my audio and video needs and is currently researching ideas for my companies wireless needs. I certainly recommend the Tech Doctor for any technical needs.

    Ken Polikov, Northbrook

    Scott is the consummate professional. Curtious, efficient and always gets the job done!

    Gary , Northbrook

    Scott, the tech doctor saved me on several occasions. There does not seem to a problem he cannot solve or a system he cannot set up. And if it is time for the tech graveyard, he helps purchase, set up, back up, and configure new hardware/software, all while finding the most amazing deals! Do not replace or purchase any new tech gadget or computer without consulting the tech doctor first!

    Michael S, Deerfield

    When I enlisted the help of The Tech Dr my home theater system was nothing more than a TV and a stereo receiver. After a brief sit down with The Tech Dr, we agreed on a total budget and began shopping for components. “Dr. Scott” did most of the research, I just sat back and looked at the components he suggested. Three weeks later a 56” DLP TV was sitting in my basement with a few other components (5.1 channel Dolby digital surround sound receiver, DVD player, DirecTV HD/TIVO receiver, surround sound speaker system, etc). Within a few hours, Scott had everything set up. My wife and I slipped in a DVD and sat down on the sofa. WOW it looked and sounded amazing. We couldn’t be more pleased with The Tech Dr.’s service. Before leaving our home that evening, Scott asked about our home computer. It was running pretty slow and occasionally crashed on us. My wireless home network was not working to its optimum performance as well. Scott determined that it was not encrypted when I originally set it up. After thirty minutes or so, Scott had swept the PC for spyware, viruses, and a multitude of other harmful bugs. Scott encrypted the network the following day and the PC has been running perfect since then. While we have a few smaller electronic issues for Scott to help us with, we have been updated to the most current of technologies. It also helps that he is always willing to help with problems without being onsite, what a bonus. No hassle support, reasonable price, and most important a willingness to explain the most technical of things in a manner where a dummy like me can understand what he’s talking about. My wife and I would recommend The Tech Dr to anyone for any problem with electronics. He really saved us. THANKS TECH DR.

    Steve , Vernon Hills

    The Tech Dr (A.K.A. Scott) has made my life so much easier just by a touch of the phone. I have called him on numerous occasions to ask for assistance with wireless routers, DSL advice, connecting home audio and video equipment, eliminating viruses on our computer (just to name a few) and he has always had the answers and been able to help right on the spot. I have never had to wait for him to get back to me nor have I stumped him. If you are looking for any kind of help with technology in your home or business, he’s the one to call!

    Lisa , Highland Park

    Scott the Tech Dr. Thank You very much for helping me on my computer.  My computer went down after a thunder storm, after which I spent 6 hours and three days talking to the people at Dell, they charged me $63.00 for a one time fix, and maybe 20 different people from India.  So I went to my family dentist Dr. Lou for a routine visit and asked him if he knew anyone that worked on computers, he told me that he knew Scott the Tech Dr.  Dr. Lou called Scott right then while I was in his office, I talked to Scott a brief time on the phone, he then called me back at home and within 1 hour he was at my house.  Scott fixed all my problems with my computer .My computer has never worked as good as it works now.  I have ordered an external hard drive and Scott came back to house and showed me how to run all my music and files on the new hard drive.  My computer has never been running this good ever……Thank You very much Scott your the best person to talk to and show me everthing I need to know.  And may I say it again, thank you very much.  I will tell everyone I know about you………

    Bob Ignowski, Schiller Park

    I want to extend to you my huge “thank you”s for having referred me to Scott.  One week after Scott had worked on my big PC problem, things continue to be smooth, thanks to “The Tech Dr”.  I love personal referrals, and Scott was a great one.  Again, Thank You!

    Tom R , Chicago

    Scott, Thank you for your excellent work today. It was so nice to have a real professional around. I am trying alot of new things and I love this computer. I will really try to spread your cards around.

    Hedda , Vernon Hills

    You have been a most excellent, wonderful tech consultant and we are lucky to have found you.

    Sandra , Evanston

    Scott has been my Tech Dr. for about 5 years and I am very pleased with his services. Recently, my desk top computer had some major problems and Scott guided me through the whole process in a very professional manner at a fair price. Scott fully explained every step of the process and answered all my questions to get me up and running as soon as possible. I highly recommend Scott the Tech Dr.

    Doris , Evanston

    You were so wonderful to me today.  You helped me become part of popular culture, Uber, GPS, scanning and more.  You taught me in such a kind and patient way.  I am so appreciative.

    Mary , Highland Park

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